Sources of Vit A from Foods, Vegetables and Fruits

As we know, vitamin A offers so many benefits. One of the most popular benefits is to improve eye health. Besides that, vitamin A is also good for skin. And there are still many other benefits. Therefore, it is very important to know about the sources of vit A. If you want to get vitamin A, here are some of the greatest sources.

Foods with High Vitamin A

Sources of Vit A from Foods, Vegetables and Fruits

The sources of vitamin A can be gotten from foods. Below are some of the animal sourced foods that are rich of vitamin A. One of them is liver such as beef liver, lamb liver, liver sausage, and cod liver oil. Besides that, salmon and tuna also contains high vitamin A. some other best sources include goat cheese, butter, cheddar, hard boiled eggs, trout, etc.

Vegetables with High Vitamin A

There are many kinds of vegetables that belong to the best sources of vit A. The most popular one is winter squash. However, the best vegetable for vitamin A is sweet potato. Besides that, kale, collards, turnip greens, carrot, sweet red pepper, Swiss chard, and spinach. In addition, romaine lettuce also becomes one of the greatest sources of A vitamin

Fruits with High Vitamin A

Many fruits come with high vitamin A. Mango really contains high vitamin A. Besides that, there is cantaloupe that also belongs to the biggest vitamin A sources. Grapefruit whether it is red or pink also offers high vitamin A. Do not forget watermelon that is also well known with its vitamin A. We all also know that papaya is rich of vitamin A.

Still related to fruits, you can also consider apricot for getting vitamin A. Tangerine also comes with vitamin A. Do not skip nectarine that gives vitamin A, too. Other sources of vit A from fruits are such as guava and passion fruits.

Sources of vit A are various. You can get vitamin A from foods, vegetables and fruits. Different sources have different content level of vitamin A.