OBS Studio To Live Stream 2019

The stream feel free to watch my other tutorials have a lot more tutorials and OBS and things like that on my channel so anyways you can do audios if you just want to do audio and then video capture device that would be for like your webcam or something like that som that captures video webcam or an Elgato Game Capture if you want to know how to add an elgato to this you can go check out my al gato tutorial I have one of those and now what you’ve all been waiting for it’s Game Capture so we’re not going to add a Game Capture yet we actually have to launch the game first so let’s say I want to record um what’s a quick game that I can launch we can record counter-strike there we go I haven’t played this game in forever even though I have 241 hours in it by jadwaltv.id

The way if you want to add me on Steam my name on steam is tropics as you can see it it’s the same actually it’s a different profile pic but you can have my theme if you want totally cooled me so I’m just going to wait for this to open come on counter-strike oh my god thank God it didn’t you rape me because the intro for counter-strike sometimes ear raped you and it can get annoying you know already so we got counter-strike open so oh okay apparently I left the game and I’m silver – okay thanks game now everybody knows on

The silver scrub anyways so you want to go back into OBS after you tap out you want to leave the game running and then you just hit the plus button Game Capture I’m going to name this yes go that and you want to uncheck capture any full screen application go to window go to Counter Strike global Offensive and then hit OK and it should be recording csgo now so if I open csgo and tab out as you can see it’s there and it will record by the way if your stream

If your recording is kind of like that and it’s like all uneven the way you fix that by actually clicking on the source and then dragging it there we go we’re good so now you know how to record games and everything and stream on youtube hopefully that is literally all I can really show you guys right now with all the video being too long but there’s so much more stuff out there as streaming feel free to watch my other videos if you want to get some great tutorials out there