Nail Art Trend in 2019

Nails come in three colors. Red, red and red Oh, and don’t forget the advice in French. However, in the past few years, nail art has exploded and has become a complete industry in the fashion world, sensitive to seasonal trends such as silhouettes and jumping forms. From nails to habits, nails have become another area where we can explore our personal style and try (sorry) something that might seem a little “out” for a complete display.

nail art design

Whereas before, the latest patterns and hot prints are limited to your podium or wallet, it is now very fun to make it varnished at your fingertips. Increasingly, nail art has become an economical and creative way to honor your favorite designers by drawing inspiration from their most famous works visually and translating them with nail art brushes. buffer. Leopard spots, inspired Aztec prints, and even galaxies – thanks to Christopher Kane – are no longer out of reach for those of us who want to have a bit of authenticity rather than fashionable imitation. fast

Wah nails are the biggest influence on how nails take off in the UK. Although Kawaii’s madness lasted for years in Asia, only in 2009 in London Sharmadean Reid opened the door of his salon and opened his eyes to the possibilities offered by nail painting. Born from a feminist hip hop community, Wah Nails has revolutionized the way the fashion world thinks of nails, forcing it to recognize the potential and creativity that it can stimulate. Read also nail art ,  simple nail designs for short nails at

The company now has a subsidiary at the Topshop shop on Oxford Street and its influence is seen everywhere, from fashion shows to celebrities such as Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, to products made by companies such as Barry M and Own Model. New technologies are being explored, such as the effects of explosions and marble nail polish; Blurred colors are increasingly popular, unlike classic light. It’s easier to learn how to make your own effects. The online tutorial teaches us how to use everyday objects such as cocktails and sponges to get a modern look.

Where once the prickly red claws were de rigueur, the world is now their oysters (though, as we talked about, the spines turned frightening – see Amber Rose and Rihanna). This may seem daunting and difficult at first, so start simple. Try “nu” or “greige” tones that will complement most of the clothes. If you feel a little more daring, choose pastel or bright colors, and always remember the base and finish to prevent discoloration and protect your polish from the resulting debris and scratches. daily use. Don’t forget that nail art is about having fun!