Knowing Brothers Episodes Featuring Super Junior

One way that variety shows on television used to attract the attention of the audience is by presenting guest stars of K-pop idols. Of course fans who are members of an idol group fandom will be happy to watch their idols when they appear on television. In addition, as shown at the K-pop idols will usually appear hilarious and all out, which will invites the laughter of the audience. One variety show that often shows idols as guest stars is Men on a Mission or also known as Knowing Brothers episodes. After more than two years, and there have been 120 transfer students coming. Finally, Knowing Brothers reached the 100th episode. Of course their guest star is special and that was Super Junior.

Heechul came to bring his friends and victims of Kang Ho Dong, Super Junior minus Kang In, Si Won and Sung Min. Ye Sung who was very scared of Ho Dong was the highlight of this episode. The big question was why Ye Sung was afraid of Ho Dong even he couldn’t see his face and also became very quiet. Dong Hae has also just arrived again after 6 years of not appearing on a funny variety show including any Knowing Brothers episodes and the last he performed on air is in the Strong Heart event, where Ho Dong is the MC. Ye Sung didn’t even come to the Variety show anymore because of Kang Ho Dong.

Also there are Lee Teuk and Lee Teuk Junior. Even just the first question from Eun Hyuk, they have been debating about how they urinate right. All of Ho Dong’s secrets are revealed here because 3 members have become victims of Ho Dong and even Rye Wook who is in the military service is also a victim of Ho Dong. Ho Dong delivered an apology and his last words at Knowing Brothers and they were driven out of class. Not just Ho Dong but Lee Sang Min was also hit by an attack from Ye Sung. They continued with the 99 Second Teamwork Competition game. If Super Junior wins, they can play their new song and that means they can promote their song. If they lose, they must obey the punishment given by Hyung-nim. This is one of the Knowing Brothers episodes which full of laughter. Watch this episode onĀ and read more other article about korean entertainment.