IELTS Writing – Choose the Best Method to Improve Writing and Speaking Skills for IELTS

IELTS Writing – If you are actually new in IELTS, then it is highly recommended to read many pieces of information that give you with better understanding. To success in the IELTS test, then you should have a strong understanding of what questions which will appear and how you expected to answer those questions. Thus, you and each IELTS student should choose one of the best methods to follow for each statement. It allows you to organize your own study without making you confuse or lose any surprising element on your test day. Then IELTS writing might be your biggest concern.

Writing Test in IELTS

There is two separated IELTS test which is depending on whether you are in ielts academic or general. Both of those exams will be separated into two sections and the last one hour in the total amount. The only differences is the type of questions that you will get in the first task. You should know that

Writing Task 1 in IELTS

The task format will be depending on whether you will take the academic or general IELTS exam as already mentioned before. For the general training, then it will be form or letter. Then for an academic test, you have to write a report on the map, process or data set. Regarding which one that you will take, then you will be asked to write at least 150 words. If you follow the general IELTS test, then there are many strategies that you can choose.

IELTS Writing Task 2

This task takes you to write an academic essay related to specific topics or quotation as well. You have to write at least 250 words within 40 minutes. There are many students said that this is their biggest weakness. This is because they do not get any honest representation about their ability since they do not have any feedback in their work. If they have, they will realize that this task 2 was not subjective but it was marked from a very specific assessment. Once you note that the work quality was needed to get a score that you need then you have to choose a strategy that helps you get the maximum result.

IELTS Speaking Test

IELTS speaking will test your ability to communicate with spoken English in the interview from by IELTS examiner. The test will divide into three sections and each of them will last around 4 minutes and need a different strategy to get a good score.

Part 1
In this section, the examiner will ask you with some topics that you already familiar such as your likes, dislikes or family. It will last around 5 minutes and it feels like a natural conversation.

Part 2
In this section, you will ask to present the topic that examiner gives you. This topic will be presented to you in the small book along with the main ideas that you have to discuss. You will have at least one minute to arrange your best answers and should speak around one or two minutes. Ensure that you really understand about that topic and do not be panic at the very first time.

Part 3
Part three is the final section that you will find in IELTS speaking test, your examiner will ask you with some questions. It related to the topics that you have been discussed in part two. The characteristic of these questions was usually more general, testing your ability to speak in a more abstract way. Learning the method will give you an important tool that you should not be ignored and always be confident. These preparations allow you to stay focus on your work and help to get the best result.