How To The Best Setup Your Live Stream

The X get away from that now under the desktop audio click the gear icon there so just click properties like I did there and then the device is default so for me I actually want it to be everything that comes into this here so everything that comes into my speaker’s you need to figure out what your desktop audio is coming from and then once you’ve done that click done and then now whenever I play audio like on my computer like this as you can see that desktop audio there is going left to right so I know it’s picking up so in order for you to test this you need to play some audio on your PC and see if you get the lines like I saw here as Tv1 Malaysia

If it’s registering audio and as you can see under my mic here that’s getting good reception here but it’s probably not the correct microphone so in order to select your microphone click that gear icon underneath microphone go to properties like we just did the device needs to be changed from default so for me it needs to be my Scarlett 2i2 which is my audio interface and then click done and then now as you can see is picking up the audio from the microphone that I want it to pick up from now once we’ve done all this once you have your scene set up you’ve got your audio ready you’ve got your video ready you’re ready to play some games or you’re ready to stream for your business on your youtube channel whatever the purposes of this may be you my friend are now ready to dive into a few other things now we’ve we’ve talked about the editor which is this year but the beauty of the stream labs OBS is that it also has a couple other things so

The next thing I’m gonna show you is your dashboard so underneath your dashboard here once you’ve logged in not only do you have the beauty of the stream labs OBS to kind of stream from here but you also have everything that they provide on their website so it actually shows you all of your recent stuff all of your recent donations and subscribers you can go to my donations to see where people have donated to you-you can actually go here under your donation settings and change that you can add widgets here so like all of the things that you see let’s say you want to add a donation ticker or stream labels or event lists everything that you see people do with their streams where things are coming up on their stream as people are subscribing as people are donating all of that basically can be done here so like