How to Plan a Wedding – The 7 Keys to Wedding Planning Tips

If you are wondering how to plan a wedding, you might have found many pages of advice on how to choose your supplier, buy help and find the perfect dress.

Even though this is good information, tracking wedding planning depends on your ability to retreat and get an overview before getting lost in the details.

How to Plan a Wedding

The seven points described below may not be the most fun part of planning a wedding, but that is the key to your success.

1: Create a budget. 50% of couples involved start planning their wedding without a budget. This is the biggest mistake you can make. Couples who do not have an operating budget suffer from a lot of stress and risk of getting into debt. Read also How to plan a wedding table decorations

2: Load the process first. Trying hard at the start, don’t make the mistake of thinking “oh, we have time”. The first six weeks of the wedding planning process must be busier than others.

3: Check your seller. This is a very important planning step, often overlooked by married couples. You can avoid some wedding horror stories by being strict in finding vendors.

4: Maintain your decision. Minor changes to the menu and flower arrangements can be made up to several weeks before the wedding, but major changes are needed because you feel stressed and both decide that your decision will only create more chaos. and potentially open your wedding day. many problems.

5: Use your time wisely. Become an effective wedding planning machine. Schedule a structured schedule every week to learn how to plan a wedding and plan assignments. As soon as possible, you should make it a habit to schedule a weekly schedule to do wedding assignments. Think of it as a part time job.

6: Take a long-term view. Think about the relationship you want with the person you love outside of your wedding day. Do your best to maintain peace with your family on both sides when planning your wedding. It may be necessary to make concessions that don’t encourage them, but remember that your fiance will live together for a long time. Don’t start with hatred and family drama.

7: Have realistic expectations. Be very realistic about your ability to spend time and effort planning your wedding decoration. Don’t plan an impromptu wedding or a very complicated event that you can’t handle.

The most important advice for planning a wedding without losing your mind?