How Multi-cam Live Streaming – Tutorial 2019

And just quickly you know change something I have somebody on skype calling me I answer that you know adjust the audio levels yeah basically do everything that I that I need to do so that’s the kind of cool thing about these days you know this kind of technology that allows you to do this live streaming and even if I wanted to because the I said the ATM switcher allows you full basically I can output I guess the final signal to my web presenter or I can output it actually over SDI to an actual broadcast so if I wanted to upgrade and actually have a real broadcast you know over- tv malaysia

The-air kind of thing signal I could do that too but probably you know we’re all gonna be sticking to do streaming a life on the internet so that that’s the kind of cool setup there’s really nothing bad that I can say about it anything that I you know was doing before that I didn’t like I already kind of eliminated and one thing i’ll tell you is to keep in mind is that this whole set up you can do ten in full HD but the only thing that’s limiting it right now is actually the web presenter web presenter as of right now maybe they’ll change it can only output 720p so it gets you know

The 4k cameras for example I have up here and that gets down converted to basically two 1080p signal in the item switcher but then once it gets sent to web presenter what presenter only output 720p so you want to have full 1080 NOP stream you would just want to replace the web presenter and there’s other options out there but unfortunately they’re very very expensive but there are other options where they will allow you to do 1080p or even 4k streaming if you wanted to so that’s something that I might look into in the future or maybe hopefully Blackmagic will release um kind of update for