HOW LEARN OBS IN 30 MINUTES Complete Tutorial for Beginners

The same time in other words you want to separate your desktop audio from your microphone audio then dot move is going to be a good format for that so i’ve been using dot move lately and of course you can set a recording path here apply you can go into the Advanced Settings if you want but it’s not really necessary for most people so one thing I will point out is if you want to set specific audio tracks to go to streaming and to recording so if you want to record where your output video file has two audio tracks one for the desktop and one for the microphone tvmelayu

And then your stream is still using the separate audio track one which combines them so going back and here you see audio track one and then for recording 2 & 3 then we have to wire up the audio devices in the mixer to go to those audio channels so if I go to Advanced Audio properties by clicking on the Settings icon for either desktop audio or the microphone you can see how I have it set up so in order to make sure that the stream receives both the desktop audio and the microphone the desktop audio and

The microphone are both outputting two tracks one here by default all six of these tracks will be checked so if you want one of them to be left off of a track you’re going to have to uncheck it so here desktop audio 2 is the only audio device that is outputting to track 2 which means that in audio check – it’s going to only be the desktop audio and then for the microphone / auxilary my microphone basically it is outputting two tracks three and one so I use one as my streaming track 3 as my microphone track for the recorded video file and 2 as the desktop audio for the recorded video file so if you have these set up here make sure that you go back in again to