Crowded Discussed, Single “Yesterday” Seventeen Rises to Position # 1 i-Tunes Indonesia

And if Indonesian music mourns. The band “Seventeen” lost three personnel and its road manager due to being hit by the tsunami wave on Saturday (12/22) yesterday. Herman (guitarist), Bani (bassist), Andi (drummer), Oki Wijaya (road manager) and Ujang (crew) also became victims of the disaster. Only Ifan (vocalist), the only person who survived the fateful event.

When the wave arrived, the famous band with the single “Always Give in” was performing at the PLN Company Gathering of the West Java Transmission Main Unit in Tanjung Lesung Beach Hotel. Sadly, Ifan also had to lose his beloved wife, Dylan Sahara. Dylan who died in the disaster was found in Pandeglang Hospital on Monday (12/24).

The deep sorrow experienced by Ifan making the single Seventeen, “kemarin“, was widely discussed in cyberspace. The single was included in the “Abstinence” album released last 2016. Comedian Said “Bajuri” who is one of Herman’s best friends said that the song created by the late Herman “Seventeen” was originally to commemorate the figure of President Abdurrahman Wahid or Gusdur.

“Seventeen who filled (created) the song, I thought of a tribute to Gusdur, eh subhanallah but I didn’t know the wind or what happened to Seventeen,” Said said.

The lyrics written in the song indeed seemed to signal the departure of the personnel. “Now here / looking for you don’t know where / hopefully you’re there forever”

Because of this phenomenal song, I was not surprised that “Yesterday” immediately shot and stayed in the # 1 i-Tunes Indonesia ranking. Besides “Yesterday”, other Seventeen songs also dominated the Indonesian iTunes charts. Like “Keep Your Heart Always”, “Find You”, and “Never Go Away”. While the music video has been watched more than 4 million times, and the video lyrics are watched more than 1 million times. The comments column of the two videos was also flooded with condolences. This lyrics video is considered to represent the tragedy of the departure of its personnel. Goodbye Friend!