Ever since I discovered the Internet, neither cat pictures, nor Youtube ads have annoyed and troubled me so deeply than spammers. They seem to be so vicious in their attempt to do basically nothing else than harass our sight with their endless bombardment. It annoyed me so that after I’ve learnt my way around coding I decided to dedicate some of my spare time to finding, hacking and annihilating (this may be a too strong word) spammers, phisher creators, and sometimes trolls. I find these things so deranging because they’re like the offspring boredom and maliciousness. Most of them are purposeless or downright harmful and can really get on your nerves. So I try my best to get rid of them, and even if it’s a shallow victory, because it doesn’t last long, I sometimes comfort myself with the illusion that one day, they will get the point and take a break.
Of course, sitting all day in front of the screen isn’t such a healthy thing, so I’ve tried to find a way to counterwork this. The best (and simplest) thing I could find was going to the gym. The place I went to was a pretty complex gym, that housed training sessions for different sports, fitness programs, cardio exercise, you name it. I began watching these people wrestling, kicking punching bags or their opponents and I started wondering if I shouldn’t join some martial arts club as well. It turns out I could, but it took me quite a while to get to a satisfying level. I’m now practicing Taekwondo and I have some trouble with the fast kicking part, but my sensei thinks I could already enter the local winter competition this december. Luckily, Romania, where I’m from, has a growing number of martial arts practitioners and I could find many people who would give me advice and tips on how to improve my performance and speed up my progress. But the road is long and I still have a lot of it ahead. I have to plan both my workout, my training and my work and all these seem to be making my plate spillin full.


This is the reason why I decided to start a blog where I could keep tabs on my training, my job and everything else do, so that, hopefully, I will be able to organize better. I also want to improve my communication skills, so feel free to join in the topics and, especially, to denounce any spammers that are getting on your nerves.